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Vice President for Administration

mohammed fofana

Honorable Mohammed B. Fofana

Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana was recently elected as the Federation of Liberian Mandingos Association of the United States (FELMAUSA) Vice President for Administration, on September 5, 2015, at the 5th Annual Convention held in Dallas, Texas. He has extensive administrative, fiscal, and program services experience having worked for many years as a program manager, educator, and a stalwart of peace and tranquility in the Diaspora Liberian Community in General, and the Mandingo Community in particular.

In a public private partnership with the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana worked diligently as a Program Manager, where he helped to improve the cognitive behaviors of adult’s inmate populations.  He worked collaboratively to reduce recidivism rate among the inmate populations in the Newark, New Jersey areas by offering alternative course of actions, such as obtaining a stable employment, or enrolling into colleges or universities.

As an educator, Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana has amassed a wealth of experience working as an Adjunct Professor of both the University of Liberia (UL), and the African Methodist Episcopal University (AME U). At the African Methodist Episcopal University (AME U), Mr. Fofana was promoted as Research Assistant at the Department of Public Administration after completing a semester, and successfully empowered several dozen students on the utilization of empirical skills in problem resolutions.

In Community Services, Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana had previously served as Financial Secretary of the African Youth Association of the United States (AYAUSA), Constitutional Committee Chairman, and successfully re-elected three times as Secretary General of the Mande Association of New Jersey, the FELMAUSA chapter representatives in that states.  He also served diligently on the FELMAUSA Board of Directors for four (4) consecutive years, where he served extemporarily on several dozen committees.

In 2013, Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana was a certified candidate for the presidency of the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Association (FELMAUSA), but later withdrew to protect the interest of the Diaspora Mandingo Community.  He was also Chairman of the Quardu-Gboni Election Commission that conducted free, fair, and transparent elections among Executives of that community; and was unanimously invited by the Quardu-Gboni Board of Directors to oversee their electoral processes as well.

Mr. Mohammed B. Fofana obtained a Master of Public Administration, with a concentration in Public Management from the Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration in 2013, and a Bachelor Degree of Criminal Justice, from the Rutgers University-Newark School of Arts and Sciences & the School of Criminal Justice in 2010.