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The objectives of the Federation shall be:

1. To promote, protect and practice the tradition of our fore-fathers, including but not limited to the demonstration of respect for elders, the recognition of protocols in the Uncle-Nephew and Father-Mother relationship of the Mandingo culture.

2. To protect and promote the interest of the Mandingo communities at home and abroad.

3. To create an atmosphere that shall enable the membership to engage in meaningful discussion on issues relating to the welfare of the Liberian Mandingo Ethnic Society.

4. To create an environment in which the membership shall seek to improve the economic and educational opportunities for the Liberian Mandingo ethnic group.

5. To seek educational opportunities for the development of human resources within the Liberian Mandingo Community.

6. To form collaborative alliance with other Mandingo organizations operating within Liberia to encourage dialogue, and activities indicative of peace, unity and reconciliation among members of the Mandingo communities.