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Financial Secretary


Honorable: Jihan Wassaba Sidibay… A.K.A Jiji

Jiji is a financial sales Consultant with 9 years’ experience in cash processing and financial handling, Jiji has managed to work her way up in the banking industry. Growing up in Saudi Arabia where women had limited opportunities in education, and improving their personal lives motivated her to do better when she moved to the States. In 2005 Jiji got her first opportunity to work as a vault keeper. After her graduation with a degree in management information system she landed a career opportunity with PNC bank.

On a daily basis since 2009 JiJi has been working as a financial sales consultant. She has worked with many companies, businesses, and individuals to plan for present and future financial needs. She has gotten many awards and recognition by her employer for always being productive at what she does. Lastly but not least, Jiji will use her experience and foresight to address details before they become a problem. She’s also dedicated to helping others grow financially no matter where they are.

Honorable Sidibay was recently elected as the Financial Secretary of the Federation of Liberian Mandingos Association of the United States (FELMAUSA) for a two years term, on September 5, 2015 in Dallas, Texas , at the 5th National Convention of the Association