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Education Committee

In 2014, our region, the Mano River basin comprising of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone was tragically hit by a wicked and a dangerous sickness called the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) killing nearly 11,000 of our citizens in the three countries combined. It took nearly 2 years for us and our counterparts in the world to have the situation under control.
On the 15 of January 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) came up with the first annual report on the EVD. In that report, the WHO reported that the following reasons were responsible for the rapid spread of the disease:
1. Insufficient health care workers
2. Lack of infrastructure
3. Lack of Information dissemination
4. Fewer legally established and licensed health care institutions.
Out of this report, our committee came up with a policy document to see how our community can be of vital help in addressing the problems enumerated above given the fact that we have one of the least numbers of manpower in those areas too.
Our policy document identified the following field of studies to address those issues:
1. Medical School
2. Nursing School
3. Engineering School
4. Law School
5. Mass Communications or journalism school.
At the end of this program, we expected to educate at about 50 professionals in the following fields:
a) Medical Doctoral program 10 by 2026
b) Nursing 10 by 2026
c) Mass Communication 15 by 2026
d) Engineering 10 by 2026
e) Law or legal studies 5 by 2026
So, it is against this backdrop that our scholarship program will be focusing on the above mentioned fields. Considerations may also be given to the areas of technology, law enforcement and teacher training programs. However, that decision lies at the discretion of the Education Committee.
Also available for scholarship program.
Under the sponsorship program, a potential sponsor/ donor or a humanitarian will set his or her own conditions to sponsoring one or more students based on his or her Economic strength and FELMAUSA will provide the students. If it is a group, the group will set its conditions or criteria.
The following general criteria applies:
1.FELMAUSA will do the recruitment and provide the names to the sponsor.
2. The sponsor will pay semester or yearly tuitions to the coffers of FELMAUSA for the students and FELMAUSA scholarship program will take care of them. The sponsor doesn’t have to know the beneficiaries.
3. The Sponsor will decide whether on the grade levels, field of studies or gender of the potential beneficiaries.
4. The sponsor will also determine the location of the sponsorship, i.e, Monrovia, Nimba and etc.
5. The sponsor doesn’t have to know the potential beneficiaries
5. Other conditions also not mentioned may also apply.
So, if you want to sponsor students in any field of studies, at any grade level and want us to name it after your relatives and loved ones, we have space for you under the sponsorship program!!! It doesn’t have to also be named after your relatives, however, you set the condition and choose your name for the sponsorship.
Moving forward, all scholarship forms will be available online and announcements will be made as to the kind of scholarship that we have available. Please continue to check to FELMAUSA website for more information and updates concerning the scholarship program.

Please send all application to:
Dr. Gassimu Kaba at: kgasim2008@gmail.com
Mr. Kaba is currently the SG of the scholarship team stationed In Monrovia.
Contact number :011231- 886- 40-08-18
Thanks and we wish you a successful academic sojourn.

Thank You
Manyou Mas Bility
Education committee