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In 2007, the Federation of Liberian Mandingo Associations in the United States of America (FELMAUSA) was established to empower her members and community through educational and social services.

FELMAUSA is an association of People of Mandingo descent living in the United States of America. Established in as a result of an all Mandingo convention, the objectives of the Association are to preserve the Mandingo culture, protect and promote the interest of the Mandingo communities at home and abroad, encourage dialogue and activities indicative of peace, unity and reconciliation, form collaborative alliances with other Mandingo organizations operating within Liberia, promote, celebrate and maintain our common heritage, culture and traditions.

The mission of the Federation of Liberia Mandingo Association in the United States of America (FELMAUSA) is to build the capacity of our community through community empowerment by providing educational, health, social, community involvement and peace building. FELMAUSA’s vision is to become a growing organization that will serve as a medium through which our community can be empowered to positively participate in the rebuilding process of Liberia.